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hey, my name is marloc. you may also know me as syunlklss, neopessimiste or cavalovo online. i was born on february 20th, 2004 in a shithole called brazil. i have autism and i'm bisexual. i don't know how much i'm supposed to talk about myself but i have an ego so probably a lot.

i consider myself a very open minded person, although i try to get myself out of serious debates because i tend to get antagonistic very fast and it's something i'm trying to work on. i currently don't have any friends, and it's been like this for most of my life. i don't consider myself a good person so i tend to overcompensate a lot. i'm not exactly trying to guilt trip anyone, but everyone talks about how much they love going out with their friends and i just don't have that.

my main interests that i've had my whole life are pokemon and animals, and will probably alwas remain my favorite things. some other interests of mine include :

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